Saskatchewan cattle community shocked by ‘unprecedented’ trafficking charges


By Mandy Vocke, Global News (Canada)

July 28, 2020


Saskatchewan’s cattle community was shocked after two people faced numerous charges for trafficking cattle.


“When you see something like this it’s just kind of surprising that this is going on,” said Saskatchewan Cattleman’s Association CEO Ryder Lee.


“Talking to some people, it’s a big case and pretty unprecedented in size.”


RCMP and Livestock Services of Saskatchewan investigated Caprina Farms and Ranching near Jansen, Sask., where cattle from Alberta and Saskatchewan were recovered.


According to Saskatchewan RCMP, a large number of animals were being trafficked by two residents of Prairie Rose.


Monika and Andre Ribi face multiple charges, including trafficking stolen cattle and causing animals to be in distress.


Lee said the Ribis weren’t known to the Saskatchewan Cattleman’s Association, but it’s possible nearby residents would know who they are...