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·         Beef industry hears five-year plan

·         NCBA's Annual Summer Business Meeting Commences



Beef industry hears five-year plan

Long range plan task force releases plan at Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting in Denver.


Source: Beef Industry Long Range Plan task force

via BEEF Magazine - Jul 28, 2020


The Beef Industry Long Range Plan task force today released its five-year plan for 2021-2025.


The plan includes the following key priorities and core strategies:


Industry objectives:


·         Grow global demand for U.S. beef by promoting beef’s health and nutritional benefits, satisfying flavor and unparalleled safety.

·         Improve industry-wide profitability by expanding processing capacity and developing improved value-capture models.

·         Intensify efforts in researching, improving, and communicating U.S. beef industry sustainability.

·         Make traceability a reality in the U.S. beef industry.


Core strategies:


·         Drive growth in beef exports.

·         Grow consumer trust in beef production.

·         Develop and implement better business models to improve price discovery and value distribution across all segments.

·         Promote and capitalize on the multiple advantages of beef.

·         Improve the business and political climate for beef.

·         Safeguard and cultivate investment in beef industry research, marketing and innovation.


“We want beef to be the protein of choice, and we want the entire U.S. beef industry to be trusted and respected for its commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability,” said Kim Brackett, leader of the task force and cow/calf rancher from Idaho. “The task force invested many hours, discussing the current state of the industry and what we need to accomplish over the next five years. We feel we’ve established some important priorities and strategies, as well as benchmarks for success that will help keep our industry on track through 2025 and beyond.”


The task force's mission is "to ensure the long-term prosperity of the U.S. beef industry by sustainably producing the most trusted, highest quality and consistently satisfying protein for consumers around the world." The report was released at the Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting in Denver.


“We’ll measure the plan’s success by tracking key metrics for each Core Strategy,” Brackett said. “For example, one of the measures for the Core Strategy to ‘Drive growth in beef exports’ will be to grow the value of U.S. beef exports as a percent of total beef value to 21% by 2025. Additionally, there are a number of other goals to help measure success specific to the other core strategies.”


The plan ...


The task force ...





NCBA's Annual Summer Business Meeting Commences


Source: National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA)

Jul 28, 2020


DENVER, CO (July 28, 2020) — The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association's (NCBA) Annual Summer Business Meeting began today in Denver, where more than 500 cattle producers, industry partners, and stakeholders gathered, both in-person and virtually, for policy development, education, and long-range planning.


“Summer Business Meeting is a perfect example of NCBA’s grassroots, member driven, policy-making process in action,” NCBA President Marty Smith said. “This event is about bringing producers together to learn, discuss, vote, and adopt policy positions for the next year. These are policies designed by and for America's cattle producers. I am proud to see that even with all of the challenges of 2020, we have had nearly 600 cattle producers join us in Denver.”


NCBA unveiled the Beef Industry’s Long Range Plan (LRP) during General Session, which includes industry priorities and the vision for promoting Beef, America’s premiere protein, over the next five years. Idaho rancher Kim Brackett and chair of the LRP Task Force, presented the new plan and NCBA’s Board of Directors will vote on the proposed plan at the Wednesday board meeting.


Summer Business Meeting will also feature important policy committee meetings like the Live Cattle Marketing Committee, which will consider several policies of importance to the industry.


“I’m honored and excited to be working with all our attendees and I want to thank everyone who has volunteered their time to make these next three days a success and engage in important conversations on the state of the beef industry,” Smith added.


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