Nebraska organizations call for additional meatpacking protections



via KTIC (NE) - July 27, 2020


Twenty-five Nebraska organizations and worker representatives are calling for more COVID-19 protections for those working in meat and poultry plants.


In a letter to Nebraska State Senators, the group says the Governor has failed to act through an emergency executive order.


The letter calls on the Legislature to implement enforceable protections such as:


·         Consistent 6-foot physical distancing between workers on the processing floor

·         Benefits, such as paid sick leave

·         effective screening and quarantine practices.


“While many of our countrymen were at home, social distancing during the last several months due to COVID-19, meatpacking plant workers continued to show up, every day, every shift, so that we would continue to have meat on our tables,” said Sergio Sosa, executive director of Heartland Workers Center.  “The number of meatpacking plant workers who have contracted COVID-19 is disproportionally high compared to the general population, and 19 workers have died from it.”


According to the letter, more than 4,777 packing plant employees have fallen ill from COVID-19, at least 218 have been hospitalized, and at least 19 have died.


Statewide community organizations include...