Meat Market Update | Total loads sold remain high

As plants are getting back to normal in terms of production, loads sold continue to remain elevated.


Ed Czerwien, BEEF Magazine

Jul 27, 2020


The daily spot Choice box beef cutout ended the week on Friday, July 17 at $200.47, which was $4.03 lower compared to previous Friday. Last year it was $213.42. However, it did jump up to $201.74 on Monday, July 20 and Monday quite often sees increases because after a good weekend of retail sales the stores re-order product to refill shelves.


The weekly average Choice cutout, which includes all types of sales, including the daily Choice cutout was $201.28 which was $2.36 lower.


There were 7,026 total loads sold for the week which was 717 loads lower than the previous week. While lower, it still was a solid number breaking the 7,000 loads mark. You can see on the four-week moving average graph that it has backed up a little which is normal when it includes the 4th of July holiday week when plants shut down some time during the holiday. However, it still remains higher than all of the years shown, so there is very good volume lately when many plants are getting back to normal.


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