S. Korea to consider reopening ASF-hit pig farms after summer


By Yonhap

via The Korea Herald - Jul 27, 2020


South Korea said Monday it will consider reopening pig farms struck with the African swine fever (ASF) last year after the summer season, although the country needs to remain vigilant over the spread of the disease by wild boars.


ASF swept through pig farms in the inter-Korean border area last year, prompting South Korea to cull about 400,000 pigs as part of preventive measures.


South Korea confirmed its first-ever outbreak of the animal disease in September 2019, but no new cases from local farms have been reported since October.


Farms in the affected areas have been banned from resuming their operations.


"We will begin the process by gathering opinions from experts after August, as farms are still prone to be infected with viruses over the summer," the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs said in a statement.


The country has been reluctant to give the go-ahead on the operation of pig farms in the area amid rising concerns over possible virus transmission from wild boars to domestic pigs.


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