Cattle Producers Need To Meet Face To Face as OCA President Mike Weeks Explains Why His Group is Holding In-Person Convention Now In Tulsa


Oklahoma Farm Report

24 Jul 2020


Oklahoma Cattlemenís Association President Mike Weeks, Stuart, Okla., emphasized the need for his groupís members to meet one-on-one during the OCA convention going on now in Tulsa. Weeks spoke with Radio Oklahoma Agriculture Network Associate Farm Director and Editor KC Sheperd during the first day of activities on Friday.


We have great attendance and involvement, Weeks said. I am glad we are able to get our members face to face to make policy decisions, he said.


Weíre face-to face people in agriculture, Weeks said, as business is often done with a handshake.


Technology allows us to have some virtual meetings but with face to face it allows us to get more done and is more personable, Weeks said.


The OCA President said people needed to see each other and sit down and discuss the issues.


Another important factor in having the in-person meeting is the annual trade show.


The trade show is a big part of our event, Weeks said. You canít really do that virtually so I am really tickled we can work this out, he said.


Weeks said the group has several important things on the business agenda including discussing price discovery, product labeling and any other things members want to bring forward.


We have several things tabled form our winter meeting that we also need to discuss, Weeks said...


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