Cattle prices maintain strength into summer

Thin trade does make it hard to get a handle on market


By Marlo Glass, Glacier MarketsFarm

via Manitoba Co-operator - July 24, 2020


Feeder cattle prices have held strength during the summer doldrums at cattle auctions in Manitoba.


“It’s tough to get a gauge because we only had about 25 or 30,” remarked Scott Anderson of Winnipeg Livestock Auction. “But based on numbers and quality, prices were steady.”


Feeder steers between 800 and 900 pounds were between $155 and $174 per hundred- weight, while 700 to 800 lb. cattle were between $170 and $192. That was comparable to the same weight class at other auctions last week.


Fed cattle were slightly stronger than previous weeks, with older bulls between $110 and $125 per cwt.


In the fall, Anderson expects demand at auctions to be stronger for yearlings than calves...


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