Kemin moves forward with product shown to control ASF in livestock feed and ingredients


By Mark Dorenkamp, Brownfield

July 23, 2020


A global livestock ingredient manufacturer is moving forward with a product shown to control African swine fever.


Kemin Industries technical service associate Dillon Mellick says new data from researchers at Kansas State University and Pipestone Veterinary Clinic in southwest Minnesota demonstrates that Sal CURB effectively inactivates ASF in feed.


“We’ve really learned a lot over the past few years as far as some specific viruses can be very hardy and survive that trans-oceanic shipment to the United States, and can potentially be a risk for introduction.”


Kemin’s head of regulatory affairs Kristi Krafka tells Brownfield the company has acquired the rights to a patent application for a method to control ASF in feed and feed ingredients.


“What we want to do is be part of the solution to look at viruses that might pose concern to pork producers.”


The patent application...


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