United We Steak campaign connects American ranchers & beef lovers

Just in time for Independence Day, the United We Steak campaign, a project of the Beef Checkoff, celebrates Americans’ love of grilling beef!


Amanda Radke, BEEF Magazine 

Jul 01, 2020


A new campaign titled, “United We Steak,” launched this week and celebrates Americans’ shared tradition of grilling steaks.


Just in time for Independence Day, this campaign, which is a project of the Beef Checkoff, highlights all 50 states along with 50 delicious steaks.


An interactive map found at UnitedWeSteak.com draws visitors in, where they will see 50 hand-cut, state-shaped steaks, along with grilling ideas and state-themed recipes and fun facts.


The United We Steak campaign will be featured in national advertisements, as well as social media platforms. Each state is getting involved with the fun, too, with local advertisements to promote grilling beef during the summer months.


As an example, the South Dakota page of the website features sirloin steak kabobs, which are always a crowd pleaser.


“There’s nothing like the sound and smell of beef sizzling on the grill during the summer grilling season,” said Suzy Geppert, South Dakota Beef Industry Council’s (SDBIC) executive director. “United We Steak’ not only celebrates a love for grilling that brings families together, but also the beef farmers and ranchers who work hard every day to keep beef on grills all summer long.”


To further the campaign in my home state, the SDBIC is tying this theme into a localized “Great Faces, Great Places” promotion, which highlights the beef farmers, ranchers, feeders, retailers and food service providers who deliver delicious beef to the consumer...


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