Victory! The Netherlands Bans Fur Farms


Brandon Kirkwood, Vegan News

June 30, 2020


The Dutch parliament has ruled that all fur farms that were shut down in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic will not be allowed to reopen.


The virus had spread throughout the mink population nationally causing concern that it could worsen the outbreak.


Infections were found at more than at least a dozen mink farms in the Netherlands requiring the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent mink.


“All mink breeding farms where there is an infection will be cleared, and farms, where there are no infections, won’t be,” spokeswoman Frederique Hermie told the Guardian.


Sentient Media published the latest data showing that almost 600,00 mink from over a dozen farms were murdered to stop the spread of the ever-growing coronavirus. Sadly far more death is expected to follow in the coming weeks.


The first cases of infected mink began to pop up in early April and Dutch authorities identified that these mink were in fact infected by the farmworkers.


It’s known that at least two humans actually became infected from their contact with the minks but they are as of the writing of this article the only known cases of animal-to-human infection according to the World Health Organization (WHO).


In 2015 the Dutch parliament reinstated a previous bill from 2012 that would end fur farming in the country by 2024. Now thanks to the coronavirus it’s happening even earlier.


With the closure of all fur farms in the country now assured the exact closure dates are being discussed but have yet to be announced.


Given the mass killing of the minks due to the infection rates it is sure to happen quickly before more humans are infected by the deadly virus that has destroyed lives and economies worldwide.


Despite the large mass murders of minks, Dutch MPs “overwhelmingly voted in favor of shutting down the estimated 128 remaining mink farms in the Netherlands following the outbreak of Covid-19,” the Humane Society International said in a statement.


Politicians “voted in favor of the early closure of farms with compensation to be paid to fur farmers to end the practice earlier than the (original) phase-out date of 31 December 2023,” they added.


As one of the world’s top fur producers (particularly mink) for many decades, the Netherlands is taking a historic stand...


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