Petition: Demand Investigation into Farm in Iowa that Roasted it’s Pigs Alive


By Shelby Hettler, One Green Planet

Jul 1, 2020


While most people view pigs as livestock, they are extremely sweet animals that love to snuggle, play, and get belly rubs. Pigs are also extremely intelligent! They are smarter than cats, dogs, and even children below three years old. Unfortunately, like other animals that are viewed as food rather than beings that deserve to live happy, safe lives, pigs are subjected to horrible treatment in farms until they are ultimately slaughtered. Factory farms torture an obscene amount of animals every day. Unfortunately, during Coronavirus, things have gotten even worse in some places.


There have been numerous meat processing plants that have had massive breakouts of Coronavirus. The plants fail to provide workers with necessary PPE and are not offering a safe sick-leave policy for those who suspect that they might have the virus. Recently, after over 200 workers tested positive for Coronavirus, Smithfield parked announced that it would temporarily close. As a result of the massive COVID outbreaks at meat processing plants like Smithfield, Tyson Foods, Cargill, and JBS USA, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren announced that they are opening an investigation into the unsafe conditions that they create for their workers. The pair is also working on a bill with Rep. Ro Khanna to close all factory farms by 2040.


The workers are not the only ones who are suffering at the hands of the meat industry. The animals, obvious victims of the cruel industry, have had it even worse. Farms have to “depopulate,” a euphemism for kill off, thousands, or even millions of animals as a result of pausing production. One chicken company in Delaware has to kill 2 million chickens because it doesn’t have enough staff to slaughter and package them. These depopulation efforts are usually extremely cruel and cause the animals to suffer for extended periods of time. At Iowa Select Farm, they closed ventilation points in the pig barn, pumped heat and steam in, and those who didn’t die after a few hours stayed suffering among the dead until workers came to shoot them. Piglets were also taken from their mothers and gassed to death. Video footage has surfaced...


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