Chick-Fil-A Named America’s Favorite Restaurant Chain For The Sixth Straight Year


Alicia Kelso, Forbes

Jun 30, 2020


The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index restaurant report is out and the top restaurant brand for 2019-20 is Chick-fil-A. 




This marks the sixth straight year that Chick-fil-A has been No. 1 in the industry, a ranking determined by about half a million consumers tasked with evaluating indicators like order accuracy, food quality, speed of service and mobile app reliability. 


The chicken chain has set a pretty high bar, scoring 84 (out of 100) on the ACSI Index, four points more than No. 2 Chipotle and six points more than the limited-service segment average. Chick-fil-A also outscores the top full-service restaurant, LongHorn Steakhouse, by three points.


Considering Chick-fil’A’s trajectory throughout the past few years, it’s hard to argue that there isn’t a correlation between customer satisfaction and customer spending.  In late 2018, the chain surpassed Taco Bell and Subway to become the third-largest chain by sales, despite having a significantly smaller footprint and a shorter week in operation.


Chick-fil-A’s sales in 2019 were estimated to be about $11.3 billion, according to Restaurant Business, a 13% increase year-over-year. For context, Taco Bell generated just under $11.3 billion, but with about 4,300 more units and business on Sundays.


Perhaps further proof of this correlation, Chick-fil-A’s per-unit sales are over 50% higher than McDonald’s MCD, the bottom feeder on the list with a score of 70.


To be fair, McDonald’s is one of just three limited-service brands with a higher ACSI score this year versus last year (the Golden Arches are up one point) and the chain itself isn’t exactly hurting...


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