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·         African swine fever hits 45 provinces, cities in Vietnam in H1

·         ASF Nigeria: Fears of up to 1 million pigs dead

·         African swine fever spreads



African swine fever hits 45 provinces, cities in Vietnam in H1


Source: Xinhua(China)| Editor: huaxia



HANOI, June 29 (Xinhua) -- The African swine fever has occurred in 45 provinces and cities in Vietnam since early this year, leading to the culling of 34,000 pigs, Vietnam News Agency cited the country's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as reporting on Monday.


While some of the localities have declared clear of the epidemic, currently 238 communes of 19 localities are still suffering from the disease, with African swine fever outbreak reported within the past 30 days, according to the report.


There is a high possibility that the fever will continue to reoccur and widely spread, which will seriously affect the restock and pork supply, said the report.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development ordered localities...





ASF Nigeria: Fears of up to 1 million pigs dead


Natalie Berkhout, Pig Progress

Jun 30, 2020  


Not only Asian and European countries are fighting African Swine Fever (ASF). Fears are that in Nigeria, almost a million pigs have died from ASF, following an unprecedented outbreak that devastated the livelihood of thousands of farmers.


In the past decade, ASF has surfaced in several parts of Africa. Between 2016 and 2019, 63 outbreaks were reported across the continent, resulting in the deaths of 42,000 pigs, according to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) ASF report. The most recent outbreak in Nigeria is by far the worst that has been experienced in the country.


Nigeria ranks among the top countries in Africa with regard to pig production. In 2019, 298,000 metric tonnes of pork were produced. Over the last 10 years, Nigeria’s pig industry has grown by 40%, according to figures by the Pig Farmers Association of Nigeria (PFAN).


ASF outbreak of epidemic proportions


Benjamin Oyedeji is national secretary of the PFAN. In correspondence with Pig Progress he explained that the outbreak was first reported in early 2020 at a private farm in Ogun state, in the south west of the country, bordering Benin. It then spread to pig farms in neighbouring Lagos state. Initially, many of the affected farms did not know the cause of death of their pigs and, as such, did not raise any alarm.


‘Epidemic proportions’


Dr Oladipo Omotosho of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, said the outbreak is at ‘epidemic proportions’, at the academic news platform The Conversation. He added, “The rate of spread within and between farms is alarming and the death rate is higher than has been seen in the last 12 years. There are farms that have experienced the deaths of hundreds of pigs within 24 hours. The major reasons are weak farm biosecurity, disease surveillance and warning systems.”


Oyedeji further attributed the rapid spread of infections to farm visits and the sale of infected animals.


Pig sector severely affected ...


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African swine fever spreads


Source: Pork Checkoff

via Lincoln Journal Star (NE) - Jun 30, 2020


Authorities in India officially reported African swine fever to the World Organization for Animal Health this past month after tests confirmed pigs on several farms. They are shown by red dots on the map. The pigs were positive for the disease in the far northeastern states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh – in the corner between China, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh.


In all the official World Organization for Animal Health report showed 10,920 infected pigs in the affected districts of both states, and deaths of 3,701 pigs with 4,199 cases. The report further showed a mortality rate of 34 percent and a fatality rate at 88 percent due to African swine fever.


According to information from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture reporting on the world health situation, there are new suspected cases of African swine fever in wild boar found dead in the district of Siang in Arunachal Pradesh, where outbreaks had occurred on pig farms. Six wild-boar carcasses have been found in a forest in the district; samples have been taken for analysis at the country’s national reference laboratory.


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