Oklahoma Task Force Member John Pfeiffer Says They have Studied The Idea Of Opening New Meat Plants But Logistics Pose Major Challenge


Oklahoma Farm Report

25 Jun 2020


Meat processing plants are major investments and canít be built overnight, yet the concept is being looked at by members of a task force, which is a joint effort between the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and the Oklahoma Cattlemenís Association.


The task force was organized this spring to look at ways to fill the void created by the impacts of COVID-19 on the food supply chain.


John Pfeiffer, Mulhall, Okla., rancher and a veteran leader of the American Angus Assoc., is a member of the task force. Pfeiffer recently talked with Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Farm Editor Sam Knipp about some of the ideas being considered by the task force.


There was a meeting several weeks ago in Buffalo by a group interested in building a 6,000 head per day plant, Pfeiffer said.


Unfortunately, the logistics of building a plant of that size overwhelmed the idea.


When you design a plant for every head you kill a day it takes $100,000, Pfeiffer said. It also takes 450 gallons of water for each head, Pfeiffer said.


The Oklahoma rancher added to supply that plant it will take at least 500 semitrucks coming in, and 500 semitrucks going out with the processed meat.


Thereís a lot involved and thatís why we are looking at other things, he said.


One of those things is adding meat inspectors to existing plants.


The simplest solution right now may be just adding inspectors, Pfeiffer said.


Another thing the task force talked about is...


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