JBS plant in Brazil must close again over COVID-19, appeals court rules


By Ana Mano, Reuters†

June 25, 2020


SAO PAULO, June 25 (Reuters) - An appeals court in Brazilís southern Rio Grande do Sul state ruled that a plant operated by meatpacker JBS SA must close, overturning a lower labor court decision allowing it to open after an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, according to a statement from the stateís labor prosecutors on Thursday.


The JBS chicken plant in the town of Passo Fundo had been authorized to reopen on May 21, after being closed on April 24, following an outbreak.


JBS declined comment on the new ruling.


The plant, which employs more than 2,600 people, has capacity to process 320,000 birds per day, JBS said when it reopened.


Amid a spate of outbreaks at Brazilian meatpacking plants, earlier this week another court ruled JBS must test all workers for coronavirus at its TrÍs Passos pork plant, also in Rio Grande do Sul.


On the day the ruling was announced, the state labor prosecutors had said the number of meatpacking plants with confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus was 32 in Brazilís southernmost state.


As of June 23, almost 5,000 workers at meat plants had tested positive...


... JBS said in a statement...