Coronavirus latest: German meat talks loom as US cases surge

Germany is holding talks with the meat industry amid several large abattoir outbreaks. Meanwhile, the US broke its own record for the most new confirmed cases in a day. Follow DW for the latest.


Deutsche Welle (Germany)



·         The US logs more than 40,000 cases, a single-day record

·         German Food and Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner meets meat industry officials to discuss the future of livestock farming following several outbreaks

·         The Dutch government throws national airline KLM a €3.4 billion lifeline

·         More than 9.62 million confirmed cases globally, with over 488,500 deaths recorded


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12:37 Sweden's head of virus response has denied the WHO’s claim that the country is experiencing "accelerated transmission." He says rising numbers are down to increased testing.


"Unfortunately it is a misinterpretation of the data," Anders Tegnell, an epidemiologist with the Swedish Public Health Agency told Radio Sweden.


The WHO’s European regional office earlier in the week put Sweden on a list of 11 countries at risk of a second wave that could "push healthcare systems to the brink once more."


11:00 German Food and Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner has invited meat industry officials to discuss the future of livestock farming. The meeting comes after several coronavirus outbreaks at meat-processing plants in Germany have led to increased scrutiny on conditions for workers and animals in the industry.


"There is hardly another European country that has meat as cheap as we do," Klöckner said ahead of the talks, criticizing Germany’s dependence on the "cheap meat" industry. The coronavirus outbreaks have drawn attention to the plight of migrant workers living in often-cramped conditions and working long hours without compensation.


10:37 Citing the surge in coronavirus infections in the US, German Health Minister Jens Spahn urged people in Germany to remain cautious about the pandemic.


"40,000 new infections in the US in a single day: The pandemic has not yet reached its peak worldwide. This is an urgent warning to us in Germany to remain vigilant. Wherever the virus gets a chance, it spreads," Spahn posted on Twitter...