Oregon beef co-op connects urban consumers, rural ranches

Country Natural Beef is a cooperative of artisan family ranches


by: Kohr Harlan, KOIN-TV (OR)††

Jun 26, 2020


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) ó This pandemic has prompted a lot of us to more carefully consider where we get our food. Yes, it comes from the grocery store or take out restaurant. But it wasnít grown or raised there.


If youíre a beef consumer Country Natural Beef might not jump out at you, but youíve likely tasted the fruits of their work.


Country Natural Beef is a cooperative of artisan family ranches scattered across several western states with roots in central Oregon. Itís a distant place to many but itís your local, hometown beef supplier if you shop at New Seasons, Whole Foods or buy hamburgers at Burgerville.


Itís a source of beef thatís prospered by adhering to guiding principals.


ďNo hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are raised naturally. No feed additives,Ē said Dan Probert, the marketing director with Country Natural Beef Co-op. ďThereís a connection from the place of birth right to the plate.Ē


The co-op, like all of us, is slowly rebounding from the COVID-induced restaurant and processing shutdowns. The co-op was founded with the intent of bridging the urban rural divide. They raise beef naturally and sustainably...