Stronger together: Divisiveness gets us nowhere

Benjamin Franklinís wisdom still resonates today. Farmers are stronger together.


Shelby Watson-Hampton, Commentary, BEEF Magazine

Jun 24, 2020


NoteóBenjamin Franklin is famously quoted, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, ďWe must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.Ē


Thatís the topic of this guest blog. I am truly blessed to work with what I think are the best and most thoughtful group of writers and editors in the agricultural world. Iíve stepped aside from time to time to give their voices a venue in this blog. Now is such a time.


Those of us who live in other regions might think of Maryland as the last place to find a fourth-generation farm. But thatís where Farm Progress writer Shelby Watson-Hampton farms with her family. Her words speak across the lines that divide us and encourage us to be stronger together.


If any of you are like me, youíve probably been walking around with a knot of emotions in your gut these past few weeks, wondering where we go from here and how we make the future better.


For the purpose of this column, I am going to assume none of us have been living under a rock and that weíve all seen the news. We all know our countryís history; we see the problems; we know in our gut what is true, and what is difficult and what is right, so Iím not going to rehash that here.


Iím just going to say again, as many have said in agriculture on other topics before: We as farmers are stronger together. Divisiveness gets us nowhere.


We need every farmer of every background, race, culture, religion, ethnicity, gender and orientation to be able to work together to feed this world, locally and globally...