USMEF Audio: Bolivia Now Open to U.S. Red Meat


Source: USMEF

via FarmJournal's Pork - June 23, 2020


Bolivia is the latest nation to open to U.S. red meat. In the audio clip below, Cheyenne McEndaffer, U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) director of export services, explains that this is part of a longstanding effort by U.S. trade and agricultural officials to improve access for U.S. meat products throughout South America.


While the region is now mostly open to U.S. pork and beef, McEndaffer notes that Bolivia, like several other South American countries, has plant and product registration requirements that must still be finalized before U.S. exporters can begin shipping to the market. While Bolivia is not a high-volume destination for imported meat, McEndaffer says in the clip that there are already some inquiries from interested buyers. Bolivia's import duties are relatively low (10% for most muscle cuts and variety meat, 10% to 20% for processed products), which should help U.S. products gain traction in the market...


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