Upcoming Hogs and Pigs report will set the stage for the rest of 2020


By Meghan Grebner, Brownfield 

June 22, 2020


This is the first Hogs and Pigs report from the USDA since the major shutdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


University of Missouri’s Scott Brown says all eyes will be on Thursday’s report.  “To me, this sets the stage for hogs for the remainder of 2020,” he says.  “Demand may get weaker as income losses start to hurt consumers.”


He tells Brownfield there are a few specific categories he’s monitoring.  “What can we glean out of the report in terms of backlogged hogs,” he says.  “Market hogs by weight is going to be interesting to see and how the USDA handles euthanized hogs.  Do they give us any detail there that night be helpful?”


Brown says the report should also help provide some insight on where prices will head for the rest of the year...


more, including video report [12:07 min.]