Feedlots actively bid to fill lots

Prices were steady to higher on yearlings as feedlots actively sought out cattle to fill their lots.


Ed Czerwien, BEEF Magazine

Jun 22, 2020


There was another good run of feeder cattle last week with 35,100 head at test auctions. Prices were steady to $2 higher on the yearlings, but weaker on calves that had very small numbers and a few thin type calves. Feedlots were definitely bidding actively on the yearlings because soon the numbers of feeders will drop lower at the auctions.


The slaughter cow numbers were almost the same as last week with 6,100 head at the test auctions. Prices were steady, but almost $2 lower on the lean or cutter type cows. The 90% trimmings were $264.53 on Wednesday, which was down over $9 from the previous Wednesday. This will no doubt put downward pressure on lean cows.


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