Brits are FATTER than pigs: Farmyard animal carries 4% less body fat than 20 years ago, study reveals as figures show rise in number of obese adults


    The Government Health Survey of England shows people are fatter than in 1993

    Pigs have an average body fat percentage of 16 while it is more than 20 for men

    Women have put on an average of 12lb since the 1990s and men have put on 13


By Joe Davies For Mailonline (UK)

21 June 2020


The British public are now fatter than pigs according to a study which revealed the farmyard animals carry four per cent less body fat than 20 years ago.


It coincides with the new Government Health Survey of England, which shows 28 per cent of people are now obese, up from 15 per cent in 1993.


Pigs now have an average of 16 per cent body fat due to modern agricultural rearing methods.


In comparison, the average middle-aged man in Britain has between 21 and 25 per cent body fat according to a study of 400,000 middle-aged UK adults.


The average woman has between 33 per cent and 38 per cent, putting on  12lb on average according to the latest Government statistics.


Meanwhile, the Health Survey of England shows the average weight of a middle-aged man has risen from 12st 6lb in 1993 to 13st 5lb.


Susan Jebb, professor of diet and population health at Oxford University said: 'If the average pig has 16% body fat then for sure that is lower than the average person in the UK.'


Fredrik Karpe, professor of metabolic medicine at Oxford University, said: 'Certainly the pigs have gone in one direction and the humans have gone in the other direction and now the humans have overtaken the pigs in fat levels.'


The trend in skinnier pigs has been put down to an increase in farmers marketing pork as a lean meat, despite an increased demand for fattier pork products.


'Pigs have changed a lot since 1990 and are pretty lean compared to what people may think,' Christine Walsh of the Agriculture and Horticultural Development Board, which sponsored the pig research, told The Times.


While British pork may be getting leaner, The National Pig Association, representing farmers, is worried a trade deal with the US that might bring an influx of cheap American pork...