Ben & Jerry's Demands We 'Defund' and 'Dismantle' the Police


Bronson Stocking, Opinion, Townhall

Jun 19, 2020


Ben & Jerry's, the ice cream company, is calling on Americans to defund and dismantle the so-called "racist" police. The company made the demand in a tweet that included an image of ice cream representing the country's police budget being scooped into smaller bowls representing various welfare programs, like "affordable housing" and "substance-abuse treatment." The same company that can't figure out how to get glyphosate, the weed-killing ingredient found in Roundup, out of their ice cream is now telling us how to police our streets.




Ben & Jerry's




Defund the police, defend Black communities! This #Juneteenth, itís more important than ever that we dismantle the racist and ineffective model of American policing. Learn more about how defunding the police works and why we so desperately need it:


9:00 AM - Jun 19, 2020




Ben & Jerry's is a group of far-left activists masquerading as an ice cream company, and the tweet is just the tip of the iceberg. The tweet links to a webpage featuring even more crazy, far-left ideas from the company.


Ben & Jerry's says the police "Are Good at Racism, Bad at Solving Crimes." The company believes America "canít arrest or incarcerate our way out of the challenges that face our communities. It doesnít work. It doesnít make us saferóbut investing in our communities does." Nevermind that arresting and incarcerating criminals is precisely how we brought crime down in America.


The company then proclaims that Juneteenth should be the country's true Independence Day...