Perdue: More COVID-19 Relief is Necessary


Red River Farm Network (ND) 

May 21, 2020


The USDA released more details of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program direct payments on Tuesday.


In an interview with the Red River Farm Network, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue acknowledged the high demand for the money and says the agency is preparing for more aid.


“We don’t believe this amount of money is adequate frankly. I think Congress understands that as well. They did appropriate and replenish $14 billion in the Commodity Credit Corporation, but that won’t be available until July. We chose to use the remaining balance in the CCC and funds from the CARES Act to begin a program more quickly. Then, we’ll look at the needs we’ve missed.”


Perdue recognizes the COVID-19 pandemic is economically and emotionally challenging for many people. “We hope it will not lead to more consolidation. We think the strength of American agriculture is its diversity.” 


Perdue addresses the payment limit adjustments, President Trump’s comments on beef imports and WHIP+ quality loss adjustments in the full interview...


document, plus audio interview [11:17 min.]