Greene County Supervisors Discuss Hog Confinement Procedures


By: Coltrane Carlson, KDLS/KGRA/KKRF/Raccoon Valley Radio (IA)

May 19, 2020


The Greene County Board of Supervisors met Monday in regular session...


... A discussion was also held regarding last week’s public hearing on two new hog confinements. The Board reviewed the process of scoring the master matrix and holding public hearings ahead of their recommendation to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Currently the Board reviews the master matrix scoring before they hold a public hearing on the proposal. A letter of recommendation is then sent to the DNR which can include questions from the Board on the scoring and all public concerns that were noted during the public hearing.


County resident Chris Henning said in previous years the Board held the review of the master matrix on the same day as the public hearing, so public comments could be addressed regarding the scoring. No formal action was taken by the Board following the discussion.


Finally, Board Chair John Muir brought up two items. The Board discussed paying Dr. Robert Clemens $100 per autopsy...