ASF Europe: more cases in wild boar population in 2020


Vincent ter Beek, Pig Progress

May 19, 2020 


The number of wild boar in Eastern Europe infected with African Swine Fever (ASF) has been increasing more rapidly in the first quarter of 2020.


Those conclusions can be drawn on the basis of data supplied by the Animal Disease Notification System (ADNS), monitored by the European Commission and communicated by Royal GD, the animal health service in the Netherlands.


4,085 infected wild boar found with ASF


In the first quarter of 2020, in the entire European Union, 4,085 infected wild boar were found. This is roughly equal to the 60% that was found in the whole of 2019. Percentages from Poland and Hungary even reach more than 70% of the total amount of animals found in 2019. In Romania, that percentage is at over 50%.


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