Farm aid to launch after Memorial Day


By Ryan McCrimmon, POLITICO



FARM AID TO LAUNCH AFTER MEMORIAL DAY: Farmers and ranchers seeking a lifeline from the Agriculture Department can sign up for a relief check starting a week from today, Perdue said Monday night during a “rural town hall” hosted by the network RFD-TV.


Timeline: The USDA chief said the application process will open on May 26 and money would start moving as soon as a week later. That means stimulus funding will finally reach the hard-hit industry two months after Congress passed the CARES Act in late March.


— The application window will remain open through August, Perdue said, but he expects most producers won’t wait that long to put in their paperwork for aid.


— But first: The department is expected to publish details of the final $16 billion payment package any day now, after OMB cleared the plan on Friday. Trump is also scheduled to deliver remarks about farmers and ranchers at 11 a.m. today at the White House.


More Perdue: The secretary also predicted that the current supply chain disruptions won’t cause long-term changes in the food system after the pandemic is over.


“I don’t think we need to look at doing different things in our food supply chain,” Perdue said, adding that he thinks high prices at grocery stores will level out as schools, restaurants, meatpacking plants and other businesses come back online...


EU AIMS TO STOP PROMOTING MEAT: The European Commission on Wednesday will unveil its “Farm to Fork” plan for a sustainable food system, the agricultural plank of its European Green Deal. One new policy in the platform is curbing government support for meat production and consumption, our POLITICO Europe colleagues report.


Agriculture accounts for 10.3 percent of the bloc’s greenhouse gas emissions, and 70 percent of those emissions come from livestock production, according to the draft framework. The proposal to stop “stimulating” the meat business was not included in a previous version of the food strategy.


The background: The Commission committed €200 million (roughly $218 million) in 2020 to promote European food and farm goods around the world, including €5 million specifically for beef and veal. But most plant-based meat alternatives aren’t eligible for promotional funding.


— Under the draft food plan, Brussels would...


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