Direct beef company sees demand surge amid pandemic

As meat processing and supply chains strain because of COVID-19, new customers seek ranch-direct sources.


Curt Arens, BEEF Magazine

May 18, 2020


D&D Cattle Co. in Herman, Neb., has been direct marketing ranch-raised beef to friends and family for 50 years. Duane and Helen Braesch started selling beef directly years ago, and they usually had a waiting list from their regular customers who wanted to buy shares in quarters, halves or whole beef.


The tradition continued through the next generation to Duane and Helen’s son, Dan. But the direct beef marketing effort really took hold more than a year ago, when the third generation of the family got involved.


“Sharing ranch-raised beef has always been a small part of our ranch operation,” says Michaela Mann, Dan’s daughter. Michaela lives with her husband, Jared, and two children just down the road from her parent’s ranch.


“My father called me and asked if I could put something out online because they had a couple of finished steers ready to go,” she explains. “The response I received took me by surprise. I had an outpouring of new customers asking about our beef. The opportunity was there, so I created D&D Beef.”


Mann (left) says that when she started to pursue the direct beef market, she wanted to stay true to where it all started, with Duane and Dan, her grandfather and father. They created D&D Cattle Co. years ago to transition their herd to purebred cattle and to venture into selling replacement quality Red Angus and Angus cattle.


 “Anyone who knew my grandpa or knows my dad understands the true passion they have for cattle,” she says...


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