Scholastic: This ranch mom rejects your anti-beef message for kids

Students are being spoon-fed lies about beef production in an effort to guilt-trip and scare them into vegetarianism.


Amanda Radke, Opinion, BEEF Magazine†

May 15, 2020


I am a rancher, a beef lover, a writer and a mom, and no matter which hat Iím wearing, the latest issue of Junior Scholastic has me pretty fired up.


In the latest issue of this paid subscription publication that goes to 250,000 schools across the United States, Junior Scholastic printed an article that reads, ďThis Meat Could Help The Planet.Ē


Written by Rebecca Zissou, the article reads, ďCars and factories get most of the blame for polluting the environment. But another major offender could be the beef on your plate. Scientists think they have a solution. As you read, think about: How does eating beef effect the environment?Ē


The article reads like an advertisement for fake meat, with all the popular anti-beef rhetoric. Blame climate change on cow burps and farts, and blame it on the grain, water and land used to produce a burger. Oh, and if you want to protect the planet, just cut back, you gluttonous kids!


But donít take it from the author. Follow the lead of Nadia Nazar, who became a vegetarian in middle school and urges other kids to do the same.


ďIím proud that Iím not contributing to the effect that meat has on the climate,Ē says Nazar, in the article for Junior Scholastic.


The number of emails and messages I have received from angry parents and teachers who have discovered this propaganda and realized it was being presented to their school-aged children was almost overwhelming.


Listen, thereís one thing Iíve realized as Iíve covered the actions of animal right and environmental extremist groups over the years ó they are cut from the same cloth and are literally working in collaboration to take individual ranchers off the land and to take meat, dairy and eggs off the dinner table.


This isnít fearmongering. The proof is right in plain sight. These groups are pushing to enact government control over our food system and a dictated, one-size-fits-all plant-based diet for all people.


And all that this will accomplish is ending small businesses, depleting natural resources, increasing our pollutants and making us all sicker, fatter and sadder.


So, Junior Scholastic, instead of printing this obviously biased propaganda, hereís what I wish you knew about beef production: