Nebraska Cattlemen ‘supports intent’ of negotiated cash trade legislation


By Ken Anderson, Brownfield

May 14, 2020


An official of the Nebraska Cattlemen’s (NC) organization says they “support the intent” of that new Senate bill mandating a minimum level of negotiated cash cattle trade at 50 percent.


Ashley Kohls is the group’s director of government affairs.


“Back in April we actually amended some of our policy to change from ‘recommends 50 percent negotiated cash trade’ to ‘mandates 50 percent cash trade’. So, yes, our policy does align with this specific legislation,” Kohls says. “We’re going through the legislation right now with staff and leadership to make sure we fully understand what the bill is and to look out for any unintended consequences.”


Nebraska Cattlemen is an affiliate of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, which opposes a mandate on negotiated cash trade. But Kohls says the Nebraska group will continue to act in the best interest of its members.


“We’re going to stick to what Nebraska Cattlemen’s policy is,” she says...


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