February poultry production up 4% on year


By John Perkins, Brownfield 

March 24, 2020


The USDA says poultry production during February 2020 was 3.912 billion pounds, up 4% from February 2019, aided by Leap Day. Chicken production was most of the total at 3.455 billion pounds, up 5% on the year, cancelling out a 2% decline in turkey to 446.743 million and an 11% drop for duck at 10.636 million pounds. The total live weight was 5.169 billion pounds, also 4% higher than the year before.


The chicken slaughter was 3% above a year ago at 725.005 million head, while the turkey kill was down 2% at 17.120 million and the duck slaughter was 9% lower at 14.737 million head, while average live weights were a little lighter to modestly heavier than last year. Chickens averaged 6.34 pounds, 2% heavier, turkeys averaged 62.69 pounds, slightly lighter, and ducks averaged 6.99 pounds, down 1%...