China paving the way to implement ag trade commitments


March 25, 2020 By Rhiannon Branch Filed Under: News, Trade


US ag officials say China has taken numerous actions to begin implementing agriculture-related commitments under the phase one US-China trade deal.


I think China, in the technical aspects, is doing what it needs to do to prepare to fulfill their commitment.


US Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer say some of the positive results from China so far include:


         Lifting the ban on imports of US poultry and poultry products

         Access of all US beef products into China for the first time since 2003

         Expansion of pork products into the Chinese market

         An updated list of eligible US exporters of distillers dried grains, animal protein, pet food, dairy and infant formula to China

         Facilitating the registration of US animal feed manufacturing facilities by China to allow import of those products into China

         Signing a protocol that allows the implementation of US fresh chipping potatoes


China has also announced tariff exclusions for imports of US ag products subject to its retaliatory tariffs as well as a reduction in tariff rates on certain US ag goods.


Phase one...