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·         SPAM is flying off the shelves at Costcos across America during coronavirus outbreak

·         Spam Producers Launch Vegan Meat Counters Across US Supermarkets



SPAM is flying off the shelves at Costcos across America during coronavirus outbreak


By Kristine Sherred, The News Tribune (WA)

March 23, 2020


Hormel Foods Corp has a hit on its hands during coronavirus panic shopping.


This week, SPAM was listed in Costco Wholesale’s coupon book, according to several administrative employees at stores across northwest Washington, for $5 off its usual price of about $20 for a pack of eight tins. A Hormel Foods spokesperson said the promotion was planned “a few months ago, prior to the current situation.”


At more than a dozen stores in the Puget Sound region contacted by The News Tribune, all were fresh out of the canned pork and ham product.


The spread of the novel coronavirus has induced Americans to storm Costco stores, where lines 100-people deep have snaked throughout the aisles, where toilet paper runs out in minutes every morning, and where the staff seems almost too cheery for enduring the onslaught of panicked shoppers day after day.


Rice, sure. Flour, it will go bad, but SPAM? Its allure lies in its very nature: It lasts forever, even if it tastes like a salt bomb (because it is). A two-ounce serving packs 16 grams of fat, including six grams of saturated fat, 40 milligrams of cholesterol and 790 milligrams of sodium — about a third of the recommended daily value.


That plus seven grams of protein.


The SPAM phenomenon expands beyond Washington state and into Oregon, the Southwest and the Northeast. Only the Midwest appeared to have ample stock, but one administrative employee who searched the system for The News Tribune said that was likely because they had just received their shipments.


“It comes and goes quickly,” said an employee at one of the Tacoma stores.


“What item is it?” another asked.


“Uh, SPAM.”


Laughter ensued.


“What a weird thing to be out of,” said an employee at one South Sound Costco.


These generous employees can share information about what their stores have in stock, but the automated message at the top of every call reminds customers that “due to current market conditions, we are unable to provide members with information regarding the arrival of specific items to our warehouse.”


As a nonperishable, in-demand item, SPAM would technically fall under Costco’s one-per-customer rule, as is now enforced for everything from paper towels and toilet paper to disinfectant wipes and bags of rice.


Because it’s listed in the coupon mailer, customers may buy up to four packs.


That’s a lot of SPAM.


“Usually we don’t have that issue,” one employee replied matter-of-factly.


“People figure canned meats, and the world ends, then they’ll have something to eat,” said another...


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Spam Producers Launch Vegan Meat Counters Across US Supermarkets

Hormel-owned vegan meat brand Happy Little Plants is launching its new ground product at dedicated plant-based counters in Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets.


Liam Pritchett, Live Kindly

March 23, 2020


Happy Little Plants now offers its vegan ground meat at Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets. The vegan meat brand is owned by Spam producer Hormel Foods.


Plant-Based Ground Protein is available from plant-based meat sections in all 74 Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets in America’s Midwest. The dedicated vegan counters are to aid customers in locating and exploring plant-based alternatives.


“We know that people are looking to add more plant-based options to their diets,” said Robbie Koons, Happy Little Plants brand manager, in a press release. “We’re glad to partner with Fresh Thyme to make it easier for people to find it in their stores.”


“We’ve continued to see our customers looking for a simple and convenient way to find the plant-based alternative products,” said Jason Resner, vice president of Meat & Seafood at Fresh Thyme. “We are excited to be one of the few retailers in our category to offer a dedicated area to locate products like Happy Little Plants.”


Happy Little Plants’ Plant-Based Ground Protein contains 20 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving. It contains no preservatives, no cholesterol, is low in saturated fat, and made with non-GMO ingredients. It is naturally gluten-free, low-calorie, low sodium, and contains no added sugar. The brand says it plans to launch further new products in the coming months.


Vegan Meat Counters ...


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