Plant-based Veego: Government-backed firm launches Singapore’s first local alternative protein production facility


By Pearly Neo, Food Navigator-Asia



Singaporean agri-food firm Life3 Biotech is setting up the country’s first local plant-based protein production facility backed by the Singaporean Food Agency (SFA), with plans to scale up production later this year.


The first product that will be produced by this manufacturing facility will be Veego, a plant-based ingredient made from blend of legumes, grains, fungi and other whole foods.


“These ingredients were specially selected [to provide] high nutritional quality in protein and fibre, as well as low in fats. Veego contains no artificial colouring or flavouring and is free from any preservatives,”​ Life3 Biotech Founder Ricky Lin told FoodNavigator-Asia​.


Although he remained coy on production details, Lin said that the firm uses ‘unique production machinery’​ for manufacturing, which helps to maintain a ‘consistent texture quality’​ for Veego, and this will be maintained in the new production facility as well.


“For our pilot facility, which is about 50,000 square feet in area, we will have a semi-automated line that can deliver up to 1200 kilotons annually,”​ he said.


“[A major objective of the] pilot facility is to mass produce Veego to the market, and production will ramp up by Q4 2020.”​


In addition, the facility will also serve as a platform for the company to ‘test-bed’​ innovative concepts, as well as conduct further research and development.


“Life3 Biotech is looking to conduct deep research to push the boundaries of eco-circularity and sustainability, where high-tech indoor production of key protein crops can be used as quality ingredients for food formulation and manufacturing,”​ Lin added.


“The facility will house an indoor farm where we will grow some of the crops needed to make Veego, and we may also explore growing other crops that may be commercially viable in the market.”​


The facility is supported by SFA and the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), in terms of location and advice over the its design, as well as to meet stringent local food factory certifications


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