Rabobank: Covid-19 and ASF to shake-up world poultry markets


Tony McDougal, Poultry World 

Mar 24, 2020  


The fast-moving coronavirus pandemic will add significant uncertainty to global poultry markets, according to latest analyst by Dutch firm Rabobank. The outlook for the rest of the year will be affected by the virus and the ongoing African Swine Fever (ASF) challenges in the pork industry will also bring additional complexity.


In its quarter 2 analysis, Rabobank said it expected to see a further drop in pork production in Asia this year, which could lead to potential growth in local poultry production and international trade, if rising supply chain challenges could be managed. As coronavirus is now expected to cause a global economic slowdown, poultry demand could benefit among the proteins, due to its price competitiveness.


Nan Dirk Mulder, Rabobank animal protein senior global specialist, said he expected to see more at-home poultry consumption and higher sales of non-perishable poultry products: