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·         NCBA: Woodall Update on COVID-19

·         NCBA Sends Letters to The White House, Congress, and Meat Packing Companies On COVID-19



Woodall Update on COVID-19


Source: National Cattlemen's Beef Association

March 23, 2020


2020 NCBA Audio

Colin Woodall, CEO, NCBA


The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is causing concern throughout U.S. society, and nowhere more than throughout agriculture and the cattle industry. Cattle producers are rightfully worried about their markets and what the future holds for them as a result of this tragedy, and that worry is happening on several fronts. Colin Woodall, CEO of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, says NCBA is aggressively tackling these issues on behalf of the industry.


“In Washington, D.C. we are working directly with the White House, USDA and other federal agencies and also with Congress on several things. Things such as getting the commitment to keeping USDA inspectors in the packing plants, getting some waivers from the Department of Transportation on hours of service to make sure that cattle haulers can move as much as they possibly can, and then also making sure that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is looking at the marketplace to make sure there is no manipulation. And then we’re also working directly with Congress to ensure that whatever stimulus package that comes out of this has some money in there for direct payments to cattle producers.” (35 seconds)


According to Woodall, keeping the beef supply moving through the supply chain is crucial to beef industry success.


"One great example is making sure that those who are supplying foodservice, that we are providing some contacts to them in the retail area so that they can move product that was otherwise destined for restaurants to get into retail supermarkets. We want to make sure that no product is wasted and that no product spoils.” (19 seconds)


Woodall says consumer commitment to beef is being demonstrated at the retail level, and a responsibility of NCBA as a checkoff contractor is to maintain consumer confidence in the healthfulness of the product.


"One of the best ways to fight off COVID-19, coronavirus, is to have a healthy immune system, and beef plays a part of that. We are a healthy, nutritious part of the diet, so everyone can continue to feel safe in continuing to eat our product. And of course we’re seeing that with all of the empty shelves out there. The consumer has as a tremendous amount of confidence in our product. We are also working very closely with promotion of not only our product but also working with the consumer to make sure they understand how to cook our product. As a Checkoff contractor we do a tremendous amount of work in developing recipes and showing consumers how they can prepare their product. And this is a great opportunity, with all of these consumers being at home who have just purchased beef, that they understand the best way to cook our product and have a great beef eating experience.” (49 seconds)


On every front, NCBA is standing up not just for beef but those who produce it.


"We are using our position as a checkoff contractor to promote our product, to show the consumer how to cook our product, and to show that they can be confident in eating beef, and at the same time using our efforts on the Policy side of NCBA to work with all segments of the supply chain to keep the supply chain running, to work with Congress to provide some relief to cattle producers, and to work with the White House to ensure that we do not have regulatory burdens that make this entire situation worse than it could be.” (34 seconds)


Woodall says NCBA staff is staying engaged daily with this issue and working under direction of the volunteer producer leadership team to assure that consumer confidence in beef remains high, beef supplies are able to reach consumers successfully and the interests of cattle producers are protected and enhanced.


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NCBA Sends Letters to The White House, Congress, and Meat Packing Companies On COVID-19


BY NCBA News Release

via KNEB (NE) - March 23, 2020


This last week NCBA sent letters to the White House, Congress, and the four major beef packing companies and the North American Meat Institute on the impact of Coronavirus on the beef industry. Read the full letters here, here, and here, respectively. For a full list of response materials check NCBA’s coronavirus page here.


You can also check this page for sales in your area:


Below is NCBA CEO Colin Woodall’s statement on the importance of keeping the beef supply chain moving:


There is a great deal of uncertainty about the ongoing impact of Coronavirus, its impact on the beef industry and the United States as a whole. At this time, it’s impossible to measure the full effects of the virus or determine how it may continue to unfold. Although the full beef supply chain is being challenged by the outbreak, all segments of the industry are working closely together and must continue to do so. The current uncertainty facing beef producers is shared by all of agriculture and every American. By working together, we will overcome these obstacles.


As Coronavirus has spread in the United States, NCBA has been in daily communication with participants from every sector of the beef supply chain. We’re working closely with cow-calf producers, stocker operators and feedlots. We’re also communicating regularly with packing sector participants, restaurant and retail operations. Every one of these operations is facing unique challenges and many shared burdens. As we continue to work through this crisis, we must do everything in our power to safeguard every sector of the business from disruption while ensuring cattle and beef continue to move in an orderly manner.


In addition to working within the beef community, NCBA is...


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