NCBA Appreciates Tysonís Step To Help Cattle Producers


Radio 570 WNAX (SD)

Mar 24, 2020


Tyson Foods officials announced over the weekend, this week theyíre adding $5 a hundredweight to live cattle and $7.94 a hundredweight to dressed and grid cattle. National Cattlemenís Beef Associations Vice President of Government Affairs Ethan Lane says thatís a good faith effort by Tyson to address cattle producers needs and came about after NCBA sent a letter to them about cattle price concerns.


He thanked Tyson for their response in trying to help cattle producers and says itís a good first step with more need to be taken down the road.


Lane says NCBA is still waiting to hear from the USDA on their investigation into possible cattle price fixing following the Tyson Holcomb plant fire...


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