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·         China Must Pay Covid-19 Compensation and Reparations

·         China Has Stripped Us Bare



China Must Pay Covid-19 Compensation and Reparations


By Stephen Kangal, Trinidad and Tobago News

March 23, 2020


We must take into judicious account today that The People’s Republic of China (PRC) with whom T&T [Trinidad and Tobago] enjoys cordial and mutually – beneficial fruitful diplomatic and trade relations is afloat and awash with a huge windfall of trillions of hard currency US dollars silos derived from unending trade surpluses realised especially with the USA and increasingly with the rest of the World.


The PRC now has adopted a deliberately accelerated global trade and investment expansion foreign policy with its trillions to dominate contemporary trade with the rest of the world. It is this that keeps the Chinese economy so buoyant, growth-driven and resilient that it can bring the world economic welfare to a halt as the COVID-19 pandemic is amply demonstrating to our collective detriment and sorrow.


We must also seriously consider and appreciate that some cultural practices taking place in the PRC have been impacting quite disastrously on countries beyond its borders with firstly the Hong Kong Flu, H1N1, SARS and now the dreaded Covid-19 through permitting distasteful and dangerous culinary practices based on sordid and widespread wild live animals consumption. Its recent ban on this practice is further confirmation of this deep connexion to COVID-19.


The current COVID-19 pandemic is alleged to have originated in the epi-centre of the Wuhan Provincial wild animal market in the PRC. It is this plague that is causing huge and astronomical loss of wealth, human lives and suffering as well as stress and loss of confidence globally that has imposed an unprecedented virtual global curfew and shut-down.


The world is virtually closed for business and so are our schools. The response to this rapidly spreading pandemic is an unprecedented, swift and all-inclusive quarantine in our homes.


Beijing has the capacity to pay and must pay.


We must initiate and vociferously call upon and lobby The Socialist Government of the People’s Republic of China through its various Overseas Missions with a view to obtaining reparations for the COVID-19 generated astronomical losses suffered by countries to which these Missions are accredited including the struggling Caricom countries.


These Chinese Embassies and consular agents must positively recommend to Beijing that adequate and effective compensation and reparations be immediately paid and disbursed as required by the tenets of international law to the plaintiff disadvantaged international community of nations.


This for carelessly unleashing for the fourth time in a row this biological catastrophic disaster from areas located within its sovereign territory on the rest of the world...





China Has Stripped Us Bare

As our economy teeters, the communists are poised to strike. Instead make them pay


David Flint, Commentary, The Epoch Times 

March 24, 2020


Flint is a former chairman of the Australian Press Council and Australian Broadcasting Authority and is an emeritus professor of law.


No one should have been surprised by the Wuhan virus, according to the respected research group, EcoHealth Alliance.


As argued here (21/3), the blame for playing down earlier pandemics lies with the U.S. mainstream media, who cynically tailor their reporting for blatant political purposes. EcoHealth attributes increases in the number of pandemics, taking over 300,000 lives since 2001, to massive increases in urbanisation, international travel and chicken and pig consumption as well as those sickening ‘wet markets’.


The incidence of pandemics, they ominously warn, will only increase exponentially. Just on increased urbanisation, Australia’s politicians are committed to bringing in 100,000 immigrants every quarter, provided none is a persecuted white South African farmer.


Most go to the eastern seaboard capitals, all bursting beyond their infrastructure. The politicians do this, not as the constitution insists, for the ‘peace, order and good government’ of Australia. They do it so that this will produce GDP statistics which justify the fake claim that we haven’t had a recession for years.


The fact is that even in the unlikely event that the Beijing communists were to behave properly, we would still have some pandemics. And the U.S. media has lost the power to suppress news about them, even if a Democrat were in the White House.


So what is done to fight the Wuhan virus now will be seen as a precedent.


The effectiveness of the Trump model will be clouded by a media still outraged by his being president and the likelihood he will win against an apparently senile opponent with an unimpressive record and allegations of family corruption. This reluctance to credit Trump for his response to Wuhan extends beyond the United States. For example, Trump has been unjustifiably described in the Australian as being ‘missing in action’ (Paul Kelly) and ‘badly mishandling the crisis’ (Greg Sheridan).


The key to the Trump response is to immediately restrict travel from the source, even if it means standing up to China which no President has previously done. Followed the next day by Australia, the result was every tin-pot politician in the West was eventually determined to be seen to be similarly strong, even in areas where Trump was much more versatile, such as social distancing.


Thus while Australian authorities have displayed extraordinary negligence over the entry of cruise liner passengers and in not acting against the devious evasion of bans by some universities, they did what even the threat of Japanese invasion did not, they closed Sydney’s beaches.


This demonstrates one thing: except for staged photo opportunities, politicians never experience the forced proximity of peak-hour public transport.


Apart from immediate travel bans, the Trump model involves federal assistance and something he was obviously working on even as he was being impeached, a truly impressive public-private partnership. On the basis that patients can become infected in hospital, one innovation is to put testing in unlikely places with drive-through labs, some even in supermarket carparks.


Despite their propaganda, the communists are entirely to blame for the crisis. Yet their counter-propaganda goes around the world, found recently in a large supplement in the Sydney Morning Herald. This propaganda is not only repeated by some journalists, but politicians who should know better also foolishly lend credibility to Beijing’s claims about overcoming their virus.


These have been thoroughly exposed in the columns of the Epoch Times, which points out that the closing by China of 21 million of their mobile phone accounts suggests a far higher death toll. They say that the virus should be renamed ‘CCP’, the ‘Communist Party of China’.


This raises a related issue, the massive sell-off of premium Australian assets to corporations under the control and direction of the Beijing communists. On this, a significant number of the political class have shamefully profited from promoting this divesting of our children’s heritage. Some even call for us to wind down the U.S. alliance. The result of that would be that we would eventually become a Beijing satellite.


Australia would be different from most satellites which are either appalling dictatorships like Zimbabwe and Venezuela, or those who could not repay loans described as aid. Australia would be a coup for Beijing in its plan to be the world’s dominant power by 2049, the first English-speaking democracy to be reduced to de facto colonial status.


If this happens the warmists can well and truly forget their fairy tale, that by the following year, all power will be coming from renewables. We can also forget about the obsolete Turnbull submarine fleet which won’t be delivered even by then.


The politicians have made us too dependent on the communists...