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·         Tyson Announces One Time Premium of Five Dollars a Hundredweight on Cattle They Harvest the Week of March 23rd

·         Tyson says Meat Supply will be Restocked Soon



Tyson Announces One Time Premium of Five Dollars a Hundredweight on Cattle They Harvest the Week of March 23rd


Oklahoma Farm Report

21 Mar 2020


Tyson Foods has announced that they will be offering a one time cash premium on cattle they harvest this coming week- here is the statement provided to the Oklahoma Farm Report by Gary Mickelson of Tyson Fresh Meats:


"As an American company supporting the agricultural backbone of this country it is imperative during this national state of emergency, we not only support our customers, but our cattle supply partners as well by ensuring the long-term sustainability of the beef business. Without the pipeline of high-quality cattle, we would not be able to deliver on meeting the needs of our customers and consumers.


"It is for these reasons Tyson Fresh Meats is providing a one-time premium effective for cattle harvested the week of March 23 in an effort to demonstrate our commitment and support of our valued cattle suppliers. This is an unprecedented time and the intent of our response is to show our support in an effort to help our supply partners weather this extraordinary situation."


According to the Texas Cattle Feeders Association newsletter- "Tyson announced this afternoon that for all fed cattle harvested next week, they will make a one-time assistance payment to cattle feeders of $5 per cwt live and $7.94 per cwt dressed."It is our understanding that the increase will be added to the base cash price for the week.


Feedlots who do business with the other packers have been letting them know what Tyson has announced…





Tyson says Meat Supply will be Restocked Soon


BY NAFB News Service

via KRVN (NE) - March 23, 2020


Grocery store shelves will soon be restocked with meat products in “another week or so.” Politico says that announcement comes from Tyson Foods CEO Noel White after a recent surge in demand for meat products. The U.S. has ample food supplies for those staying home under “social distancing” policies.


White says Tyson has made changes to its processing facilities to increase supplies for grocery stores instead of restaurants. “Once we are able to replenish supplies, which is probably going to take another week or so, then I think we’ll be back in better equilibrium between supply and demand,” White says. Grocery stores’ meat orders were significantly higher than usual through last week after demand began to shift away from restaurants. Slaughterhouses are running at maximum capacity, even on weekends.


The North American Meat Institute, which represents major meat packers, says...