Producers Livestock Announcement on Operations and COVID-19


Source: Producers Livestock

March 23, 2020


To our valued customers:


Over the past several weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly evolved into a global public health crisis.  Actions by government authorities to stem the spread of the disease have shut down entire sectors of the economy, and slowed down virtually everything else.


Here in the U.S., we know the impacts on all sectors of our economy, and the current tremendous level of uncertainty for businesses.  We at Producers Livestock have set into place plans to cope with workforce issues.  We will continue to do our best and help you any way we can to support your farming and ranching operations.


At Producers Livestock, we understand how much our customers rely on us for marketing, commodities and credit services regardless of conditions in the marketplace.  Dependability is very important; we will continue to do our best.  We take your business very seriously, from our board of directors to the executive team to every employee.  We have and will use every resource within the organization to deal with this crisis and ensure our ability to deliver services and support to our customers.  We extend heartfelt good wishes to all of our customers as you work through this challenging period.  We stand ready to help as needed.


Rick Keith, President & CEO

Producers Livestock

Omaha, Nebraska



Producers Livestock is an Omaha based organization offering livestock sourcing and marketing, commodities trading and hedging, and loans and credit facilities to farmers and processors in the Midwestern US and Central Plains.


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