Pork Board CEO Talks Sustainability, Fake Meat



via KMALand (IA) - Mar 21, 2020


(Washington, D.C.) -- Sustainability is a well-known topic of conversation around modern food production and agriculture.


However, the nationís pork producers have been involved in that discussion for some time with their national WeCare Program. National Pork Board CEO Bill Even says itís something important to pork producers across the country.


"The We Care Program has been in place now for 12 years in the U.S. Pork industry. It's a list of six principles that all pork producers aspire to and it's things related to sustainability, animal welfare, public health and being active in your community, things of those nature. With people worried about sustainability today, and what's that intersection of sustainability health and nutrition the pork industry is really proud to have well over a decade of work in this area."


Even says sustainability means different things to different people. Pork producers look at the word through three principles.


"Number one, you got to be economically sustainable. If you're not making money, it doesn't matter what you're doing on the farm. Number two, what you're doing has to be essentially socially sustainable meaning that it's something that the public will support you as you raise your pigs, no different than as people grow crops. You have to be socially accepted in the community and last is scientifically sustainable. In other words, what you're doing has to make sense. The ultimately the laws of Mother Nature can't be repealed and our producers look at it through those three lenses."


In other news, pork now has its own entrant into the fake-meat market. Even says fake pork will never be close to the real thing in terms of taste and nutrition...