EU pig prices: coronavirus puts pork markets under pressure

The European pig market is being shaken by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with prices falling rapidly for some market members.


The Pig Site

20 March 2020


ISN reports that market-leading slaughter companies have increased the pressure on prices due to temporary increased hog supplies and the uncertainty over the full-scale impacts of coronavirus.


Echoing the leading German prices, the quotations in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Austria fell noticeably. The Danish price decline was moderate compared to other markets. In Spain, prices remained stable at the level achieved last week, while the French market prices increased slightly at a low level. All in all, quotations are moving closer together again.


There is great uncertainty among market participants across borders. The limitations of public life primarily affect logistics. The Italian sales market should be mentioned here. The companies are also reluctant to let their drivers drive to destinations with a high infection potential.


The slaughterhouses are reportedly still running smoothly...


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