COSCO SHIPPING starts shipment of COFCO’s first imported chilled pork


PortNews (Russia) 

2020 March 20


On March 12, local time in Canada, M.V. Xin Los Angeles owned by COSCO SHIPPING carrying 9,572 TEU departed from the Canadian Port of Vancouver, which marked the start of shipment of the first batch of chilled pork urgently purchased by COFCO from Canada to support epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan, the company said in its release.


Distributed in forty 40-feet high cube reefer containers, the pork was the first batch of fresh non-staple food imported by COFCO from Canada. As an important logistics service provider of COFCO for helping ensure daily supplies in the affected area, COSCO SHIPPING will provide it with cold-chain transportation service of 4-5 containers every week. The pork was delivered from the southern Canadian province of Manitoba, an important pork production and processing area in Canada or even North America which is about 2,300 km from Vancouver, the nearest port on the east coast of the Pacific.


After receiving the task, COSCO SHIPPING Lines worked with its North America branch and actively contacted with local shippers to understand their shipping plan and container demand. They straightened out the service process and carried out strict process control in inland transport, warehousing and loading with various parties, ensuring the successful shipment of the pork.


Upon the expected arrival...