China top weekly buyer of U.S. pork, sorghum


By John Perkins, Brownfield

March 19, 2020


The USDA says China was the biggest buyer of U.S. pork during the week ending March 12th. China bought 15,700 tons, just under half of the weekly total, following the previous week’s record cancellation by Beijing. China was also the leading buyer of U.S. sorghum and the second biggest for cotton, while unknown destinations topped the list for soybeans. Beef sales were up on the week, while corn and wheat were down. The USDA’s next set of supply and demand estimates is out April 9th...


... Net beef sales totaled 21,200 tons, an increase of 20% on the week and 33% from the four-week average. The listed buyers were South Korea (7,300 tons), Japan (4,000 tons), Canada (2,700 tons), Taiwan (2,300 tons), and Mexico (1,700 tons). Shipments of 16,600 tons were up 2% from the previous week, but down 3% from the four-week average, mainly to Japan (5,600 tons), South Korea (4,400 tons), Mexico (1,500 tons), Canada (1,300 tons), and Taiwan (1,300 tons).


Net pork sales totaled 35,700 tons. The reported purchasers were China (15,700 tons), Mexico (8,600 tons), Japan (3,900 tons), South Korea (2,300 tons), and Chile (1,200 tons). Shipments of 43,000 tons were 4% lower than the week before and unchanged from the four-week average, primarily to China (15,600 tons), Mexico (10,400 tons), Japan (5,500 tons), South Korea (4,200 tons), and Canada (3,100 tons)...