Today's Beef Buzz - Positive Beef News As Canada Ratifies USMCA Trade Deal


Oklahoma Farm Report 

18 Mar 2020


On today’s Beef Buzz, Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Farm Director Ron Hays talks with Kent Bacus, senior director of international trade and market access for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. In the midst of depressing news because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Bacus focuses on some positive news as the Canadian Parliament approved the USMCA trade package.


This is the best news we’ve had in a while, Bacus said. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing much press coverage because of the COVID-19 story.


“We see this as a nice win for the beef industry,” Bacus said.


He noted the Canadian Parliament moved quickly as they did not want to delay the USMCA any further.


Bacus said there are a few more procedural steps, but he expects full implementation by early summer.


This clears the way for unrestricted access in the North American market, Bacus said...


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