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         COVID-19: Why are people hoarding groceries?

         Coronavirus prompts shoppers to hoard SPAM, canned meat



COVID-19: Why are people hoarding groceries?

13WMAZ spoke to a therapist for answers.


Ashlyn Webb, WMAZ (GA)

March 17, 2020


MACON, Ga. If you've been grocery shopping this week, it's hard not to miss all the empty shelves.


A lot of this has to do with people panic-buying due to coronavirus concerns. Nationwide, grocery stores are struggling to keep items on the shelves.


"Looking around, the shelves are pretty bare, even the frozen food section," Zutredia Gary Hill said.


Toilet paper, bread, meat, and frozen foods are either gone or ravaged through in Macon grocery stores, causing several people to go store-to-store just get what they need for the week.


"I couldn't find ground beef. They were completely out here. They were out of chicken. They were out of pork chops, and a lot of the frozen vegetables are gone," Hill said.


This is her third stop this week to finish her grocery list.


"I came a couple days ago. I came here to get some Ragu sauce. They didn't have that, but they did have it today," she said.


People like Hill are having to make more than one trip to the grocery store, because some decided to stock up early. So, why are people hoarding?


"It's not reasonable, It's emotional," Bruce Conn said.


He's a therapist at Coliseum Medical Centers.


"Our emotions are what motivates us. When you use the word 'pandemic,' people get motivated. It's not logical. There's no cases in middle Georgia, but people get excited internally, and that's what we respond to," Conn said.


Conn says it's an easy and cheap response.


"I can get toilet paper. It's not a high-risk investment in my safety with that, and it's an easy thing to do, and it makes me feel better," Conn said.


He says bottom line -- don't hoard...





Coronavirus prompts shoppers to hoard SPAM, canned meat


FOX Business

via FOX 5 DC - Mar 17, 2020


NEW YORK - Canned meat like SPAM is a favorite of preppers because it can last for years, making it a staple for shoppers stocking up in cases of events like natural disasters or the coronavirus pandemic.


"SPAM and Vienna sausages last a very long time," Texas resident and extreme prepper Jesse Colombo told FOX Business. "The idea is they last indefinitely, and there are very few other fat sources that have as long of a shelf life. ... You need fats in your diet."


Colombo, an economic analyst, has been stockpiling supplies since the 2008 financial crisis and estimates he has enough food to last for two-and-a-half years.


"Most people underestimate how much [food] they'd really need," Colombo said. "It frustrates me when people say they want to prep and just buy an extra bag of rice."


SPAM is believed to outlast many canned fruits and vegetables, and a rising number of people worldwide were searching for "SPAM recipes" and similar phrases on Google Tuesday.


"We understand the important role we play in feeding consumers and our entire team is working closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure a steady supply of all our products," a spokesman for Hormel Foods, which makes SPAM, told FOX Business...