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·         Wendy's Is Offering Free Delivery Right Now

·         A Message from Wendy’s President & CEO Todd Penegor



Wendy's Is Offering Free Delivery Right Now


By Dustin Nelson, Thrillist  



Whether you want to try out the new breakfast menu or you're just craving a salty fry dipped in a Frosty, a fast-food craving can wash over you in an intense burst. (Just ask Egg McMuffin Rat.)


Of course, Wendy's wants to help you fulfill a craving for its food whenever it might strike. So, like many other local restaurants and chains around the country, the pigtailed chain is rolling out free delivery through both Grubhub and Postmates. You'll get no delivery fee on any order over $10.


Additionally, the company put out a statement regarding the COVID-19 outbreak on March 17, noting that restaurants are currently open for drive-thru, takeout, and delivery services. All company-owned locations will no longer...


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A Message from Wendy’s President & CEO Todd Penegor

March 17, 2020


Wendy’s Fans:


There has been a flurry of activity around the world. Much of that activity has focused on increasing social distancing and restricting access to public spaces, including restaurant dining rooms.


COVID-19 is impacting communities in different ways, but the guidance from public health experts has been clear that social distancing is an important and necessary step to take to help minimize spread of the virus. To assist with this goal, we want to be proactive, recognizing much is quickly evolving at the country, state/provincial and local levels.


Effective immediately, Wendy’s is implementing a restricted service policy across all restaurants in areas that have declared a national emergency due to COVID-19. Wendy’s restaurants will remain open for takeout, pickup, drive-thru and delivery service unless otherwise prohibited by local authorities.


What does this mean?


Wendy’s restaurants will remain open, but out an abundance of caution, we will not permit customers to sit in our dining rooms. All orders placed in the dining room at the counter will be bagged for takeout.


We will continue to offer…


    Takeout or pickup service, where that is permitted.

    Drive-thru service through our pick-up window, in those locations that have them.

    Delivery service with DoorDash, Grubhub and Postmates in the U.S., Skip the Dishes in Canada, and other partners in International locations, where available and permitted.


As a Company, we will adopt these practices in our owned operations and strongly urge our franchise locations to do the same, which many are already doing. We also recognize that governments in some locations are requiring more strict measures, and as a System, we will of course adhere to those restrictions as well. We will continue to evaluate the landscape, understanding it’s changing rapidly, and will adapt as needed.


We applaud the determination shown by our civic leaders and public health officials to identify and contain the virus, and remain in awe of the selfless service provided by legions of health care professionals who are on the front lines diagnosing and treating our neighbors who have become ill. The global experience with COVID-19 has shown collective community commitment, and a willingness to make short-term sacrifices in service of long-term public health creates the best outcomes. We are earnest in our commitment to partner with communities and operate in a way that advances public health goals while maintaining essential access to food.


We look forward to serving you, your family and friends for many years to come.


Take care,



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