Restaurant chains closing or moving to off-premise in light of coronavirus

Nation’s Restaurant News will update this list as more large chains alter their policies to protect customers during the COVID-19 pandemic


Nation's Restaurant News 

Mar 17, 2020


As coronavirus affects restaurants and municipalities across the country, chains are taking extra measures to ensure customer safety.


We’ve been keeping track of the latest local and state rules regarding restaurant closures, but the chains below are also introducing their own nationwide rules to protect the safety of customers.


These restaurant chains have closed dining rooms, nationwide, as of March 17:


Chipotle: All units will halt dine-in services but remain open for delivery and takeout.


Dunkin’: All chairs and tables have been removed. Dine-in services have been halted while delivery, takeout and drive thru are still available at every unit.


McDonald’s: All dining rooms will be closed but restaurants will be open for drive thru, takeout and delivery at company-owned stores.


Wendy's: All dining rooms at company owned restaurants will be closed but takeout, delivery and drive through will still be available.


Starbucks: Dining rooms in company-owned stores will be closed but delivery, takeout and drive thru will still be available. Company-owned stores in malls and university campuses may close temporarily.


Chick-fil-A: Dining rooms will be closed but delivery, drive thru and takeout are still available.


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