Livestock auction marts to decide on next steps

Livestock Marketing Association of Canada pondering next move in face of pandemic


By Alexis Kienlen, GFM Network News

via Canadian Cattlemen - March 17, 2020


You may want to call first to see if it’s open, but many auction marts in Alberta were still having sales on Tuesday morning.


The Livestock Marketing Association of Canada has a conference call set for this evening to discuss COVID-19 safety measures for staff, customers and buyers, said Chance Martin, an LMAC director and president of the Alberta Auction Markets Association.


“It’s obviously very important to keep commerce going and to keep cash flow moving in the cattle industry, using all these guidelines provided by the government,” said Martin, an owner/fieldman and auctioneer for Thorsby Stockyards.


“We’re going to do our best to do that as much as possible.”


There are reports that prices at auction sales are down significantly, and that’s a concern, he said.


“We’re looking out for our customers and will try and talk to the government officials about putting up some cash flow in these trying times too.”


Regular sales are going forward, but the numbers of attendees are not necessarily that high, he said...





COVID-19: Saleyards to sell on, but with restricted access


Terry Sim and James Nason, BEEF Central (Australia)  

March 17, 2020


SALEYARDS around the country have started limiting access to livestock auctions under new measures aimed at curbing the potential spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19.


However, despite operating with smaller crowds, livestock sales will continue as normal, agents have told Beef Central and Sheep Central today.


One of Australia’s largest livestock marketing companies made the point that under current circumstances, with domestic demand for meat soaring amid panic buying and stockpiling, livestock sales remain a critical event in the Australian food supply chain.


The Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association is urging all non-essential participants in livestock sales to stay away.


Those attending sales are being urged to sign a declaration and provide contact details prior to entry, to help with traceability should a future COVID-19 detection occur.


Agents are also being urged to remind all attendees prior to each sale to maintain good hygiene practices including washing hands, avoid contact through shaking hands, and to maintain a distance of at least one metre from others.


Vendors are being urged to stay away, but some yards are also pointing out they do not have the legal ability or resources to limit sale attendance.


Examples of approaches at individual saleyards include: