ASPCA CEO earns a whopping $750,000+ salary

Here are four things animal-loving consumers can do instead of donating money to groups like the ASCPA.


Amanda Radke, BEEF Magazine

Mar 17, 2020


In a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like the only people who are benefiting from mass hysteria are the media and politicians.


While we just aren’t sure how this will play out, and we most certainlys should be listening to health experts in the field, it does seem to me that the media is really captilizing on the fear that comes with the unknown, using click-bait headlines that are written to incite fear, boost ratings, make their sponsors happy and create a captive audience who is waiting anxiously for more news updates.


This isn’t a new page in the playbook, of course. Preying on people’s emotions is an old trick, indeed!


Just look at how animal rights groups take advantage of good-hearted Americans through emotional ploys aimed to open up their hearts and their pocketbooks.


Take the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASCPA), for example. Visit their website, and the first thing you’ll see are sad-looking images of dogs and cats, strategically placed next to a donation button.


And while donations are a large part of non-profit organizations, there’s a few things that stick out with the ASPCA. The organization promises to save dogs and cats and fight for stricter laws to protect animals, but CharityWatch, an organization that rates how well non-profits follow through on their promises to donors, gives the ASPCA a mediocre, “C.” And with a rating like that, I’m confused why ASPCA’s CEO Matthew Bershadker received an annual salary of $800,000 in 2017 and $770,000 in 2018!


Contrast this to a Charity Navigator study that showed the average non-profit CEO’s compensation is $123,000. That means ASPCA’s COE is paying more than six times the average non-profit CEO!


What’s more, HumaneWatch reports that, “Bershadker isn’t the only cat getting fat at the ASPCA: 159 other employees (more than a tenth of the organization) made six-figure salaries. Of every dollar donated to ASPCA, 38 cents was used to pay salaries and benefits.


“The ASPCA also spent $94 million on fundraising-related expenses to churn out direct mail and other appeals–“factory fundraising,” if you will.  The ASPCA also stuffed more than $21 million in offshore bank accounts, mostly in the Caribbean.”


So what does this mean and why should beef care? ...


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